Supply Chain Management On-Demand Workshops and Seminars
Facilitator: Dennis Lord

Supply Chain Management Certificate
Supply chains exist in manufacturing, distribution, and service organizations and require the simultaneous improvements in both customer service levels and the internal operating efficiencies of the companies in the supply chain. Understand the concepts, tools and techniques you need to plan, source, make, deliver, and handle return of products.

Purchasing and Supply Management
This session describes the process of sourcing, selecting suppliers, negotiating terms and delivery. It covers all activities from receiving a purchase requisition, through selecting and monitoring a supplier, to receiving materials at the required time. The interactions of supply chain, logistics, procurement, will be discussed with appropriate case studies.

Inventory Management Fundamentals
Inventory management, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or a retailer plays a crucial role in the smooth and efficient running of your supply chain.  Reducing excess and obsolete inventories and planning to have the right inventory, in the right quantity, at the right place, at the right time, will lead to improved service levels, lower inventory costs, and a more attractive bottom line.

Cycle Counting for Inventory Accuracy

Without accurate inventory records you do not know what inventory is available and how much money is invested.  Schedulers cannot develop reliable schedules.  Buyers cannot purchase the correct materials in a timely manner.  Manufacturing is thrown into chaos.  Customers cannot depend on reliable deliveries.  Financial statements are questionable.

Advanced Inventory and Optimization (AIO)
Increasing complexity of manufacturing and distribution due to greater variability and uncertainty across the supply chain requires new approaches for managing supply chain inventory.  This session will describe advanced inventory management techniques and optimization, the benefits, and implementation issues.   We will discuss why traditional inventory techniques and rules of thumb create excessive inventory and costs.

Lean Manufacturing and the 5S System
Faced with unprecedented levels of competition, shrinking profit margins, challenging business environments, manufacturers are under continuous pressure to reduce costs, improve service levels, and spend more time improving the bottom line.  Today, operating lean is no longer an option – it is the key to survival.  Learn how lean and the 5S system will improve operations.

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
Sales and Operations Planning is one of the hottest areas for supply chain improvement today.  S&OP will help your organization to gain consensus between sales, finance, procurement, manufacturing and logistic, allowing them to project future performance, efficiently utilize assets to achieve and maintain high levels of customer service.

Manufacturing Planning and Control (MRP/ERP)

MPC is concerned with planning and controlling all aspects of manufacturing, including managing materials, scheduling machines and people, and coordinating suppliers and key customers to maximize customer service, limit inventory investment and maintain high operating efficiencies.  We cover ERP how it works and implementation issues and software.

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