Effective Inventory Management
Unlock inventory management excellence in your firm!
Reduce inventory… increasing customer-order fill rates.”

 Benefits for your organization:

  • Increase revenue and service levels
  • Reduce inventory levels and carrying costs
  • Fewer shortages, backorders and lost sales
  • Free up working capital confined in excess inventory
  • Attain high levels of inventory accuracy
  • Improve planner, analyst and buyer productivity

 Course Description:
This two-day workshop provides participants with an operational knowledge and understanding of inventory management principles and techniques.  It is designed to provide a practical “how-to” for employees from all organizations that have inventory to manage.

 Attendees get step-by-step instructions and practical examples to help managers, planners, analysts, and buyers smooth out their inventory management challenges and streamline operations.

 After completing this workshop participants will:    
Identify inventory management and accuracy objectives. 
Describe the different classes/functions of inventory. 
Define the various costs associated with inventory.

       Discuss the financial impact of inventory.
 Explain the what, why and how of ABC analysis.
 Determine minimum and maximum stock levels.
 Practice calculating MRP, reorder point and periodic review.
 Learn how inventory optimization software works.
 Discover how to determine the economic order quantity (EOQ).
 Calculate MAD, safety stock and customer service levels.
 Understand inventory management and accuracy performance measurements.

     Facilitator: Dennis Lord is a supply chain practitioner and specialist in inventory management and   optimization with exceptional knowledge and experience for planning and managing inventory.

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