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Cycle Counting 
"Your Secret Weapon to Inventory Accuracy"

Inventory is invested are you managing yours?

                                             Benefits of Attending this Session Include:
                                      - Improve customer service with inventory record accuracy
                                      - Trust software outputs (no more phone calls to verify what is on your screen)
                                      - Use effective storage layouts and location methods
                                      - Reconciliation adjustments: who, what and how

                                                                           St Lucia - August 21 &22, 2017 
                                                       Location: Bay Gardens Hotel (Rodney Bay)
                                                                  Fee: US$695.00 per person
                                                                                       Sessions 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (each day)
                                                                             Includes: Lunch, refreshments, handouts and certificate.   
                                   Register Today...seating is limited.
                                                                                      IMS             416-477-2467    (Canada) 
                                                                                      CAWASA 758-458-0601     (St Lucia)
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               Session Highlights:

                 - Why unleash the power of cycle counting
                 - Organizational benefits: cultural/financial/service
                 - Principals and best practices
                 - Taking a leadership role for implementation and sustainability
                 - Cycle counting impact on software usability
                 - Accuracy - more than counting
                 - '5S': Housekeeping - laying a foundation for success
                 - Team building and communicating - everyone is part of cycle counting
                 - Various counting methods
                 - Gathering and analyzing the data
                 - Reconciliation: Who, what, and how
                 - Critical thinking and problem solving
                 - Identifying the root cause of errors and fixing them
                 - Bench marks for sustainable success: the feedback loop 
Workshop Facilitators:
                     Dennis Lord, CPIM                    Sheree Baron, CPIM