Integrated Operations Planning (IOP)
For strategic planning success!

The Integrated Operations Planning (IOP) process is the key to superior business performance.  The process is used to improve communication and decision-making within the whole organisation, starting
from the executive manager then moving to the management team and encompassing the whole employee base.  The outcome is a smooth running operation capable of responding to client requests and projects in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

The IOP process is executed through short, well-organised meetings that include the whole management team.  The management team is better able to identify issues and challenges in a timely manner; working together in a team-based process they are better able to identify potential issues, develop effective solutions and execute steps to keep projects on-target and on-time.  This will enable the team to eliminate silo management and move to team-based management.

Day One Agenda:

- IOP process
- IOP policies and procedures
- Senior management's role in IOP
- Identify your IOP team and assess your team readiness
- Identify the benefits of IOP for your organization
- IOP communication tool


- Group activity

- Human resources overview
- Financial management overview
- Support tools for success (technology) 
- Discussion/wrap up

Day Two Agenda:

- Benefits of the IOP process
- Planning for a successful implementation
- Identifying your IOP champion
- Duties and responsibilities of the executive and support teams


- Yearly planning meeting

- Quarterly planning meeting
- Monthly planning meeting
- Weekly planning meeting
- First 'Implementation Meeting'
- Benchmarks for success and sustainability


IOP for Improved Planning...

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